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Absolute Health Kinesiology

 & Bowen Therapy

 Life is worth living ~ so live it well!

Guided by her own life experience Jacqueline became a fully trained spiritual healer and intuitive energy worker. Following her life path in trust Jacqueline was then shown the way to learn Kinesiology. With 15 years’ experience as a healer and 11 years as a Kinesiologist, Jacqueline intuitively combines modalities to create a safe healing space for your journey together harmonising and vitalising your physical, ethereal and emotional bodies.

Jacqueline’s aim is to help you to integrate physiologically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Restoring balance to body, mind and spirit, eliminating issues and reaching an optimal level of health, vitality and happiness, whilst helping you to reconnect the links so that you can uphold a state of constant serenity on all levels.

A little bit about what Jacqueline does ~

Kinesiology is a powerful yet gentle healing modality that can tap into the very core of your being, Bringing body, mind & spirit into union for your higher good. By utilising the art of kinesiology muscle monitoring, your body as a whole can be asked direct questions, Indicating the cause of the issue at hand. This is possible due to muscle response being primarily controlled by the subconscious. Your muscle is like a direct link into your subconscious which directs the way to optimal wellness for you.

Every session with Jacqueline is tailored specifically to your needs with gentleness and grace. Helping to dissolve any subconscious patterns that may be blocking your progress. Do you ever think to yourself “I’m never going to do that again”, but find yourself repeating the same pattern? Let Jacqueline help you to identify and release these patterns along with any blockages that may be holding you back from achieving goals and living up to your true potential.