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Absolute Health Kinesiology

 & Bowen Therapy

 Life is worth living ~ so live it well!


Kinesiology means the study of movement and is pronounced "Kin-easy-ology".

Kinesiology is a healing science and a natural therapy that is non-invasive, is drug free and gentle. Kinesiology utilizes muscle monitoring to identify where subconscious stress and negative belief patterns have led to energy blockages, and therefore imbalanced the body's systems.

Imbalances in our systems can show up as anxiety, poor self esteem, learning difficulties and repetition of problem behavior.

If we ignore these signs of imbalance it can lead to physical concerns, such as pain, tension, stress,

and / or immune, hormonal and digestive issues.

Kinesiology gives our structural, mental, emotional, hormonal and spiritual system a complete tune-up.

Kinesiology is used for the relief of pain, stress and confusion, depressive tendencies, digestive disorders, fatigue and tiredness, back pain, learning disabilities, allergies, nervous disorders, sports injuries, personal development and general well-being.

 Kinesiology removes all the guesswork and detects the cause of your problem or issue and creates a change for your better health and well-being.

 You can experience immediate relief of symptoms, or feel a general state of well being, with symptoms improving gradually over time.  

Kinesiology can be carried out on people of all ages, from in the womb to old age.

It can be beneficial for a wide variety of conditions and the many challenges we face as human beings.

For example it can be used for mental and emotional reasons such as anxiety, stress and depression or on the positive side of life to improve communication, relationships or achieving greater success in sport, study, careers or financially.